Реймонд Ло об Анджелине Джоли

Angelina Jolie was born on 4/6/75 dragon hour. This made her a weak yin metal with strong fire element. Yin metal is skin and beauty, with double snake fire in month and day threatening her metal, sure she has high risk of skin and breast cancer which is related to metal. With snake year 2013, when she take the DNA test, it seems the threat of fire is intensified, this prompted her to make the decision. but what if she wait a little to test in a more favorable season — such as July Aug, will the result be better? Also does it mean the surgery will take away the risk? in her luck of age 51 when the pig clashes against her snake, will the threat of fire be activated again?

Автор — Реймонд Ло из публикации на Facebook.


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